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Monday, 10 June 2013

A touch of glamour

So I have a ball coming up in July and it's a pretty formal event which means I'm already searching high and low for an outfit including 'the dress'. Argh the dress!! Trying to find it is a complete mission at the moment; it's like they're all hiding from me. Not sure if the same goes for you but it's like when i go shopping for jeans - nothing ever looks right and you can never find 'that pair' until you're NOT looking for them and suddenly they pop up out of nowhere...sigh.

So whilst I have been a little unfortunate, I've spotted a few gorgeous and quite glamorous dresses online which are just a little out of my price range (well there is still the cost of a new pair of shoes, jewellery, a shrug of some kind to hide the shoulders, make up, and possibly a haircut too - blimey!)

ASOS - Forever Unique

Coast - Patricia Maxi

Coast - Phoebe maxi (and my favourite. I think I have extremely expensive taste!)

Coast - Shania Maxi

ASOS - Lipsy VIP

I cannot wait to go to this ball; it should be a fantastic evening full of glamorous dresses, men in DJs and I even heard there are dodgems. Now to find that perfect outfit...wish me luck!


  1. So now the challenge is to find a dress, within your price range, appropriate for the ball, but also dodgems! :s

    1. Really tricky isn't it!! I think i've found one in my price range. Now to wait for it to be delivered - hopefully it will be perfect...

      Lou x


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